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Committees serve four important functions in PENS:

  • Oversee current PENS programs
  • Evaluate current programs for further usefulness
  • Recommend activities and initiatives for Board consideration
  • Explore and develop new programs and products in response to Board changes

Currently PENS has three standing committees and two task forces: Conference Planning, Education, Research, Membership Task Force and Advocacy Task Force

  • The Conference Planning Committee plans the program for the annual PENS conference, including speakers, content, and optional events.
  • The Education Committee develops and maintains the content for various projects and publications.
  • The Research Committee administers the PENS research grant program, selects posters for the conference, and educates members about research and the research process.
  • PENS Committees meet at the conference, but they conduct most of their business via e-mail or conference call.

For more information about the work of these committees see the Web page specific to each committee.

If you are interested in participating as a member of a PENS Committee, complete a willingness to serve form and select the committee of your choice. The willingness to serve form can be found on the Website. The form is also disseminated in the newsletter and at the conference. The Board reviews volunteers and makes committee appointments in late May/early June following the conference.

Click here for the Conference Planning Committee Volunteer Form​​​​​

Click here for the Committee Willingness to Serve Form​​​​​