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Where can you go to find career opportunities specific to pediatric endocrine nursing?

Right here at the PENS New Career Center!

We're creating a better way to source careers within the pediatric endocrine nursing industry by making sure that you can find jobs that are specific to you.

Job Seekers

Several employers have their positions listed on the job board for you to view at any time.

Also, the job board allows you as a job seeker to put your resume in a central list of CVs that can be accessed by employers using the site. If you are interested utilizing our career center, please feel free to do so by clicking the bottom below on the left. In the career center, there is a tab towards the top of the page that says “Job Seekers”. Once you have clicked on that tab, a menu will appear where you can login to create an account, view jobs or post your resume!

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Click the button to the right below to post your open positions in pediatric endocrine nursing.

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